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10 Beauty Items you need for Spring

10 Beauty Items you need for Spring

While the weather is making a hard transition to get warm (It seems like it to me), you must prepare your skin for the change as well. So I listed my top my ten beauty products to have for this season that. From makeup to moisturizer, this list is the ultimate one! Remember to add your favorites to your shopping cart!


Let’s be honest, you can never can too many lipsticks. The shades may look the same to the normal outsider, but there are all shades of reds, pinks, and nudes that I cannot get into. Cover Girl and YSL along with NYX has some amazing lip shades and colors. So far, these brands have created a product that lives up the hype and no smudge! 




With Summer coming around, you still want to slay,but at the same time not melt like an ice cream cone. Tinted moisturizer is perfect for the Spring! Laura Mercier & Nars are the best one for normal skin in my opinion. The best part they all come with SPF which is highly needed.If you still need that full coverage, I highly suggest Revlon Color stay…amazing and under the $20!

Beauty trick- Still want that glow, both brands have amazing products for that. Either blend it with your tinted moisturizer or simply.


Believe it or not, I am just now getting into wearing mascara. But I whole heartedly am still in love with flash lashes!! I received two amazing products from L’oreal. Both holds true to their name! Also, CoverGirl happens to have a great mascara from their new Queen Collection! I was grateful to test some of the items out for a review. DSC_0088

Overall Skin Care

Extra virgin Olive Oil…I know what you’re thinking but it truly works. Sophia Loren has been using this since before all these fancy lotions came out. I simply take 1 to 2 drop and place it in my bath water.  Or you can apply it to your damp skin.Trust me, your skin will glow and feel amazing!!

I have also selected a few items& tools for your  skincare needs!



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