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What to wear? Dresses for the Holidays

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Hola Snobs!!

Was invited to write up an amazing blog post on a recent social media share. Singer/Actress Vanessa Hudgens in this super cute romper just in time for New Years by L’Amour. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/VanessaHudgens/EvaNoelia

Holiday parties and other events are still going on for this month so I wanted to share with a few picks for this amazing occasion.

Bring in the New Years!

Depending on the climate you’re deciding to bring the New Year in, these dresses below are more than necessary to make you a hit in any room or nightclub you walk in.  There is nothing wrong with showing some skin and wearing bright colors. Majority of people “go-to” color is black, its great to change it up. These dresses can be purchase only at

Twirl it Out! What will you be wearing at the strike of midnight-
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