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Adding relaxation with these Bath Bombs…

Adding relaxation with these Bath Bombs…

This month starts off National Stress Awareness month. I plan to bring some great content and ways to distress because we all know that stress can cause some harmful effects. So I sought out and found this amazing boost of relaxation to add to your bath-G2Organics bath bombs!! I had the opportunity to received some bath bombs from G2 Organics. The skincare line is all natural and does not test on animals. 

My Review-

I received my mini but very well sized bath bombs in the mail this week! And honestly, last month was just a rough month in general. So when I opened the UPS box, I quickly turned my bathroom into a spa. Letting the bomb explode into the water, the fresh scent quickly but my body at ease and my senses to rest. The combination of this bath bomb along with the steam that filled the entire bathroom was the perfect combo.  I am actually having a hard time right now writing this post lol. I am so relaxed, and my body just feels really really good.

I highly recommend this for people who are on the go, and busy moms when their kids are finally in bed. These bath bombs smell great and it puts you at ease. Honestly I feel like it carried over until the next day, I was very relax and didn’t want to do anything but lay on the sofa–Netflix and Chill on a weekday!!



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