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The $20 Fur Coat

faux fur coat

fur coat

The $20 Fur Coat

I actually purchased this coat last winter. The funny thing is, I always have my mind set on what I want especially when it comes to shopping. So I told myself “Mannn I want a fur coat for the winter.” so I headed to this Goodwill and started searching and searching, and boom-I found it. Now it’s fake- maybe, but it also came with a hood.

It’s lightweight, but heavy enough to keep me warm. Honestly, I can only snap it up so far because of my boobs. I needed a large but heck I wasn’t about to pass this up so I made it work LOL!!! None the less, when the temps get to a freezing 30 unbearable degrees- I can’t help but to throw this fancy thing on and feel fab. I personally just want to say to the person who gave this away….thank you. Thank you lady soooo much!! Great product for the price and very grateful find!


I now share with you some fur coats that are amazingly priced! It’s not this one, but below are a few fur coats that are under $100. Stay shopping snobs!


Fur Coats Under $100


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