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2021 Stay at home Essentials that are worth the investment.

Since March of 2020, stay at home essentials played a key role in people lives around the world. A complete shift has taken place within a matter weeks and months. I must say I love staying at home, and since I have changed careers (blog post coming soon), I enjoy completely enjoy working from anywhere in the world- Well…the states.

For me personally, I don’t believe things will go back to normal. Some individuals have even relocated because their job or career do not require them to live in a specific location. However, I plan to be more comfortable when it comes to staying at home and working from home more. So below, there are a few items I plan to have “just in case” the world locks down again.

2021 Stay at home Essentials

2021 Stay at home Essentials

The anywhere office: I am so happy and grateful that content for TPS can be created from home or on the beach. The main thing I need of course is a laptop, however, some accessories make it easier too. But if you are not big on traveling yet, here are a few at-home items that are worth the investment.

Cozy and Comfy:  jogger sets, sweats, and anything cute and comfortable. This makes running errands and going to the mailbox easy. Outside of fashion, a cozy ambiance is a plus!

Staying fit: I have been active for quite some time. I must say working out not only makes you look good but feel good. And when you start seeing results…OMG! I started to invest in equipment, supplements, and of course fashion.

Morning vibes: There is nothing I enjoy better than a morning walk. But when it’s too cold, there’s always a cup of coffee.

At home Spa: There’s nothing like saving money on your on medi-pedi, wax and facial. Below I’ve rounded up skincare tools and items when it comes to taking care of your hair, skin and nails.

Did I miss anything? What’s your top stay at home essentials? Comment and share below.

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