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2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Here’s what to save.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale 2022 has just opened and dropped their digital catalog for the annual event. This means it’s time to start adding items to your cart (If you are a Nordstrom cardholder you can shop now, read this blog post here) or save items to your wishlist. I had the chance to finally sit down and view the digital catalog over the past weekend. Such as this leather jacket, this coat that adds a pop of color to your wardrobe, and these chic over-the-knee boots we’re the first to catch my eye. I am not sure where I am going or what I got planned but they’ve been added to my cart. As you already know, this is the best time to stock and restock on fashionable Fall essentials, skincare items, wishlist favorites, and more. Scroll to the bottom to see my picks.

2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


I’ve gotten back into the routine of having an active lifestyle. So, I am on the hunt for sneakers. While that’s my focus, I couldn’t help to add a few non-athleisure shoes into my cart as well.


It’s honestly way too hot to be searching Fall Essential items. But here I am! Coats, leggings, booties– these are great investments to purchase right now. For sure, these items will sell out! Set them aside now.

Beauty/ Skincare/ Makeup.

Last year, Kiehl’s clay mask was the biggest seller for me. Not only did Kiehl’s perform well on my LTK, but this year, they have a dual set that comes with a mini version and a value size.

I have been hearing nothing but great things about the Charlotte Tillbury setting spray. It’s worth giving a try-so it’s added to the cart.

Comment below and share what items are on your list!!

xo, Kesh


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