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A Snob in New York City.

A Snob in New York City.

So with 24hrs to spare in New York, let’s get into the fun and life that this city had to offer.

I woke up first thing in the morning catching the subway from Queens into the city. This time I stayed in Queens because it was closer to La Guardia. My walk to the train wasn’t far from Airbnb, and this part of Queens had all the papi’s. I was mad tho! lol. My trip to the city started when I arrived at Grand Central Terminal. 

What started as a coffee run ended up me just getting a full on breakfast. After getting troubled around on Madison Ave becuase of my GPS- I just went to this restaurant called Moonstruck eatery. They had no wi-fi but the food was good.

Classic Bacon and pancakes with an amazing Latte’. 

So naturally, that food had to digest and I walked a few blocks down to find my way into Sephora. Basically, I went shopping and was a tourist in Time Square. 

After shopping and sight-seeing, food was very much needed. I was in a mood for a frozen marg and Tex Mex, and I chose Arriva Arriba in Midtown. The drinks were AMAZING- The food was eh. I The tacos, I ate them but, not all that great. A conversation with a man at the bar who had just quit his job was…interesting. The conversation was a bar conversation, he had  told me basically his life story. He was on baroadway and etc. By the time I was ready to go, he was harrassing the owner about how he didn’t get a comp drink.

The thing is there’s a drink that comes with your lunch special. I ordered a lunch special so I was due a drink. He was fussing about how he didn’t get one but was drinking back to back. Like WTF that’s why you didn’t get one! By this time it was around 5pm or 6pm and I was in need to head back the Airbnb to put away all the stuff I bought plus sneak in a nap. 

New York is exhausting but I was still tipsy and needed something greasy. My NYC buddy and I went to Juno in Brooklyn. My burger needed some seasoning but other than that. It’s was good and fulfilling the place was super dark tho. The plan was to go out dancing, but neither one of us had the engery. 

I actually had to give NYC another try. Last year I went for Fashion week and working as a stylist, and blogging along with trying to have some fun, did not put NYC in the best light for me. This time around was better and I can say I will be going to the Big Apple often after this. 

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