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3 Reasons why Pinterest is still a thing in 2022.

Last year, I became a bit obsessed with Pinterest. I gained 16k views in 3 weeks and I must say it was rewarding viewing the growth. While I am no longer offering Pinterest services, I can for sure bring you information that has helped me. Such as this blog post I wrote, how to use Pinterest to drive traffic back to your website. However, in today’s blog post, I am sharing 3 reasons why Pinterest is still a thing in 2022. So, let’s get into this blog post!

3 Reasons why Pinterest is still a thing in 2022.

3 Reasons to use Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing.

Can you make money while you sleep? With Pinterest-yes, you can! After creating your Pin, be sure to place your affiliate link inside of the “add destination link”. By using the right keywords and adding high-quality photos, you’ll be able to grab a sale or two.

Your Content last longer.

This platform is evergreen and will last longer than 24 hours. Viewers are searching for something specific with no brand in mind. This is where utilizing specific keywords are so important when creating your Pins.

Drives traffic back to your website.

You can basically drive traffic back to anywhere when you’re using Pinterest. However, the end goal should be your website. It’s your main property and you own it. Aside from Google Ad-sense and other marketing programs, you can turn a casual reader into a faithful one. They will either sign up for your newsletter or purchase a product.

Bouns: Diversify your Content.

Don’t spread yourself thin. While you may love producing content on let’s say TikTok, there are other individuals who are loyal to one platform. Take some time out of the days and try pining those TikTok vids to your Pinterest along with creating eye-catching Pins. Schedule your content with Tailwind! Here’s a link to check it out for FREE. Trying pinning 15-20 pins per day for the week. The majority of these Pins must be your own work. Created and uploaded by you.

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