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3 Tips I use to work with Brands as a Blogger.

3 Tips I use to work with Brands as a Blogger.
work with brands as a blogger

Today on the blog I am sharing 3 tips I use to work with brands as a blogger. I know there are bloggers out there who do this full time, part-time and like me sometimes. The one thing we all have in common, we have an established relationship with the brands we’ve worked with. I personally had the chance to work with the owner of the brands. For the most part, blogger main point of contact would the person in Publicits (PR), Marketing, or the Influencer Management department. Although I do not blog full-time, I have picked up on these tips (and working with Publicist outside of blogging)  to ensure that you stay on the good side of brands you work with.

1.) Send thank-you notes.

Thank you notes- not a thank you emails. Be different when it comes to your personal branding. There’s nothing wrong with sending a thank you email, you just don’t stand out very much either. I’ve been using Paperless Post for a while to send out invites, RSVPs for events and Thank you notes. Paperless Post has a variety of cards to choose from, but they also apply 25 coins to your account. Both digital cards and there is an option for you to send them in the mail too! It’s a nice touch and I also keep stationery of Thank You notes for when I have time for handwritten notes. It’s just a way of being nice and genuinely thanking the person you’ve worked with and communicated with throughout the campaign.

2.) Bring Ideas to them.

work with brands as a blogger

Be creative and don’t wait for them to give you YOUR next sponsored post idea. You need content, consistency, creativity and the coins on a daily basis. The SNOB 4c’s LOL!!! So, with that said, bring some ideas to them. This works well especially if you have worked with them before. For example, a local grocery chain in Saint Louis, Mo reached out to me for an Instagram campaign. Two months later, I reached out to them for the exact same project. Keep the ideas coming so the $$$ can come in too.

3.) Say no but circle back around.

work with brands as a blogger

Not everything is for you and your brand. You might want to work with a certain brand. Decline nicely, but always touch base within a month or so. Always keep in touch and the door open.

Those are the 3 tips! Are you a blogger, and if so what are some of the tips that worked for you? Comment and share below.

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