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30 Things I’ve learned in my 20s.

30 Things I’ve learned in my 20s.

30 Things I’ve learned in my 20s

With today being my 30th Birthday, I couldn’t just let this day go by without posting some inspirational ish lol. So here you go.

ps. I do look forward to having you on this journey again in my 30s!


  1. Accept help.
  2. Love yourself.
  3. People show you who they are, Believe them.
  4. Be grateful.
  5. Don’t share your dreams with everyone.
  6. Laugh all the time.
  7. Say yes to new adventures.
  8. Never be afraid to work hard.
  9. Remember your health is everything.
  10. It’s okay to spend time with yourself
  11. It’s okay to be single for a while and time, that guy or gal will come along.
  12. Keep focused, never look at distractions.
  13. Keep the end in mind, always stay true to what the end result looks like.
  14. Keep God first.
  15. Forgive, even when they didn’t ask you for it.
  16. Know your worth.
  17. Know when it’s time to move on.
  18. Have people around you who inspire you.
  19. Speak less, Listen more.
  20. Patience. Have it-keep it.
  21. Never rush the process when its meant for you anyway.
  22. Take no shortcuts.
  23. Be giving.
  24. Always share information that someone can benefit from.
  25. Keep a bottle of wine on hand.
  26. Travel more.
  27. Write down your goals and create more.
  28. Remeber that nothing is impoissable.
  29. Always root for yourslef when others won’t.
  30. Repeat 1 through 29 forever.

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