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4 Things I am going to stand by and start for the New Year!

4 Things I am going to stand by and start for the New Year!

IMG_06431It’s the new year, and there are a few things that I am still going to stand by and new things I am going to take on. Friendship and Dating are basically the mixing of the two. I just recently open myself up to the ideal of dating because a long time it’s just been a thing I never wanted. I guess because I just seen and heard so many things about dating and how women are still in a relationship with a man that will treat them any damn way. My mindset has changed from 22 until now. I know what I want and not into playing games. (If you married stay married, dating is annoying lol)  



1)Dating for me…not going well.LOL but I am going to still be open to dating and finding the good apples. And if a date didn’t go well, I know that I will get fed that night by a food of my choice!

2) I am STILL not open to people trying to play match maker (especially when you are single or divorced, your track record speaks for itself) so don’t do that please and thank you.

3) Stop being the initiator. Truth is people are flaky, fake or just don’t have the balls to say they don’t want to do something.

4) I refuse to fight for male attention. This one tickles me because I see women do it and I’ve experienced it lately. I guess some women need assurance or a complaint by a guy for self-worth I am not sure. But this really really is sad. I guess because I am the only child and I just see things differently. I am also not a competitive person, there is reason to be, in my eyes anyways. Especially for a guy.

I can really pick up on when a chick is laying it heavy on a guy and I am just like “okay time to walk away”. LOL I am not trying to marry the guy and I for sure don’t need attention from him. If he wants me he’ll come and get me, if he wants to just talk to only me he’ll shoo her away. Not fighting for anything but getting more clients for this website and business.


5) Distance myself from people who just constantly need to tell you the same information as if they are bragging about something major. LOL Maybe it’s just my attitude but you mention it once, that’s awesome…great. But when you mention it more than once, your bragging and really just throwing up in the person’s face. What’s your point? What is the reason you really doing this? Am I being a bitch for this?

6) Private (Yeah so it went 4 to 6 keep reading) I am a private person. I am not hiding anything, I just feel like everyone don’t need to know what I am doing every minute. I know what you’re thinking “Well you’re a blogger” True, but there are some things and moments that I need just for me. Whether I am in the process of moving, buying a car, visiting my baby cousins, with my man,  that’s for me, that’s my moment. I believe I am allowed that.

So Snobs, as we are going into the New Year (Depending on when this post was uploaded) What are some of the things your are going to stand by and or get rid of? Comment and share below, I want to know!!


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