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4 Ways how I distress

In honor of National Distress Month, I have listed 4 ways how I distress. Stress can cause so many harmful to the body and mind in so many ways. Outside of the compilcation that stress may cause your body, consider doing these

Yoga- This was one exercise I couldn’t do! It was slow and I just could not get into it. Now I have given it a try, and I have been doing Yoga since January of this year! The AM is most effective to me. I feel so much better and relaxed and ready to start my day.


Baths- The most relaxing way to just be…relaxed. This can be turned into your own personal spa. With steam and those special scented candles, bubble bath; all the things that make you at ease. Items I love to use personally now are these bath bombs by G2 organics

Pampering myself-  Outside of work , sometimes life can get stressful too. There are many things that happens in our adult life that can are way out of our control. Getting a message, treating yourself to a nice dinner, or even going to the Four Seasons and dabbling into all the Luxury that the hotel has to offer. Do this as often as possible. Sometimes you just can’t adult today.

Wine- Let’s face it, whether it’s a good day or a bad day it helps…end of story.

Taken at Lambert Airport on my way to LAX

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