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4 ways to not overwork yourself Blogging


Many people see your feed on Instagram feed or see you just simply typing away on your computer endlessly everyday. To the naked eye, you’re just getting “free” items, attending amazing events and reviewing products, etc. This however, is only the surface, the grind is what they don’t see. There is so much work going into running a blog! Having a set schedule makes your life easier and also you can enjoy your social life too! I have gathered the most important ways to not overwork yourself blogging. These have worked a great deal for me so far and I am super excited to share this information with you. Test them out and let me know what you think!


4 Ways to not over work yourself Blogging

Plan ahead of time

I tend to come up with my blog post, titles and etc two weeks before the first of the month. To have an editorial calendar is the best thing ever created! Check out this binder from Blogger Babes, they have an editorial calendar that you can write and plan your every post. Another tool that is great is called Co-Schedule. The tool syncs with your WordPress post and you can plan to schedule your blog post and social media post as well! Such a time and life saver


Make hours-

This is something of a struggle for me because I simply love what I do!! Every day and every hour, I love learning about it and how I can make my blog better. But I also have social life as well along with other projects. So, I decided to make days and hours I work on my blog. Try setting up hours that you are comfortable with, and the best way to do that is determining your goals for your blog.

Guest Blog post

Sometimes you can have writer’s block about the content you want to share for the months to come. Reach out to some blogging buddies to create some post for you. Without a doubt, they would say yes simply because they like you, and to be featured on another blog is free promotion. This also works if you are going on vacation too!


Keep a notepad

An idea (like this blog post) can come to you in an instant. Keep a notepad around, or if you cannot find a pen, download the app call Evernote. It’s amazing and I am highly endorsing it. Evernote works on both your computer and mobile devices. You can also store pictures along with other documents to prepare you for your next project.


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