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4 Ways to stay productive during Fashion Week.

ways to stay productive

Believe it or not, there are ways to stay productive during fashion week. While I cannot promise you everything will run smoothly, I will say the more productive you are the less stressful the week will be. After attending a few seasons of fashion week both in New York and Paris as a blogger and fashion stylist. I had to figure out what worked well for the duties I had ahead of me. What day I am attending shows? What blog post needed to be done in 24 hours? When will I eat next? etc. I came across a few apps that work for my blogging and personal needs.  Below I am sharing a few tips and tricks that you can take advantage of during the fabulous yet hectic week. 

A physical planner.

Nothing beats a handwritten planner! Your cell phone is a great tool to have,  but there’s nothing like seeing your plan, goals in your own handwriting. I do have a “to-do” list on my phone as a backup. However, phones and I are in an “ok” relationship. Batteries die, the phone system needs updating, and so on. You know the usual situations when dealing with technology. For me, I am a bit old school. I always keep a small notebook and planner. I like writing anyway so having a planner works wonders for me. Below are a few notes books and planners to grab up that are chic and fits perfectly well in your handbag. 

Notebooks: Here, Here and Here.

Planners: Here, Here, and Here

Automation software aka Hire a Robot.  

I know what your thinking, the last thing you want to be bothered with is a Robot but hear me out. RoboWorx is a software that works very well especially if you are hiring a huge team or the solo business owner. The most amazing thing about RoboWorx is their HR Software Automation RPA. These features include data entry, moving and organizing files, processing and sending and processing invoices, data management, new hire letters and so much more. RoboWorx software executes all your tasks with 100% accuracy. How is this done? Well, the system has a Robotic Process Automation, which allows you to configure computer software to emulate and integrate human interact. To sum it up, you can sneak in a nap or actually sleep and still get work done.

Social Media Planner.


There is nothing like planning your social media post hours or even days in advance. Planoly is my favorite app to use to post my Instagram photos in advance. Once you have your caption, a few hashtags (which they save for you), and your photo perfectly cropped, set your day and time up and boom. Your photos are automatically placed on Instagram. Planoly also tracks your top 5 liked and commented photos. You can view your numbers by the week or the month. Prices vary and this works well if you have a huge team, up to 3 people can have access to this account. 


Co-Schedule is an all-around plug-in that helps you organize your marketing in one place. From your blog post to your social media, Co-Schedule is the ideal plug-in for content creators. For me personally, it works great for my Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Once your content is set and uploaded, Co-Schedule publishes the content at the best times during the day. A great software to use for your marketing and editorial needs. From the solo blogger to a fully staffed editorial team, Co-Schedule is able to have multiple workers on one account. 

4. Priorities.

ways to stay productive

While there are a million apps to help assist you with different tasks. You as a person must have your priorities in order. This means not spending hours just scrolling on Instagram and your emails. Have a set time for responding to emails and social media. Spend time working on tasks that will give you the results you want and need. Most individuals seem to think that they need more hours in a day. When in reality, you just need to place a priority on the tasks you should get done first. There were times I had to give away a few invites simply because I had a quick turn around time to do on a post. Priorities=Me being productive.

Comment below if these worked for you. Have you used any of these products mentioned above? Do you have your own tips to share on how to stay productive? Share and tell us!

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