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4 Web Designer tools that I’m loving so far.

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As most of you know, I have made a transition into a freelance Website designer. And yes, I completely love it! I am happy and grateful to be able to work from anywhere in the world and being part of memorable projects. While the work is fun, it’s for sure hard work.

I am so grateful I have these tools to help me with my Web and Brand design business. But don’t worry, TPS will still be bringing the fashions. But today, I am sharing these 4 productivity tools I use as a freelance web designer.

4 Web Designer tools that I’m loving so far.

Canva: This is a popular one! For graphics, Moon board, Brand Board, and even logos. Canva has help me produce some of these most beautiful visuals for my clients. Canva Free is great, but the amazing items are paid for. They have a monthly and yearly subscription you can choose from.

Bonsai: The all-in-one invoicing system. I am also able to update contracts, set up payment plans, and more. So far it’s giving me everything I need right now. What stood out about this software for me is that there are contracts already created. But sure to read over everything that’s within your state and along with


Showit: Ah, this is truly where the magic happens. I am a Showit web designer. So this is the platform I use to design my client’s websites. Whether it’s a template redesigned or a customized website, I am here to design something to your liking. Let’s make this a total vibe! Click here if you are inserted in rates and designs.

Flodesk: Move over Mailchimp!!! I am here for this email marketing software. It flows well with my brand and I am able to create a newsletter that’s not so basic. I am creating more newsletters than ever before. Save 50% off your Subscriptions >>

So far, these are the tools that are helping me as both a designer and content creator. If you have any tools that you think I should know about, comment and share below.

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