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5 Fashion staples I am wearing on repeat in 2020.

5 Fashion staples I am wearing on repeat in 2020.

Fashion staples are hard to come by if fashion isn’t a thing you’re interested in. However, if it is, this list will give you a complete guide of what you’re looking for and how to shop from here on out. Here at TPS, we’re all about being versatile. Meaning you don’t have to spend on your funds on the newest trend that’s shown everywhere. While it’s amazing we’re keeping up with fashionable trends such has the mini bags, and hair clips. It’s better to create your own trend and style by seeing what you already have in your closet. Here is a list below of the staple items I am wearing in 2020 on repeat.

Oversized Balzers

They are never going away in my opinion. They are here to stay and I am here for them. Dressing them up or down-I AM GAME!!

2. Skinny Highwaisted Jeans.

They make me feel skinny and over gives my booty the little lift that its needs. I will never get enough of it.

3. 80’s Style & Faux Leather.

Hands down my favorite decade fashion-wise. Yes, I wasn’t born at the very end tail of it. But it speaks to me and I adore the fashion style and sense of the 1980’s. This top I purchased from Zara, but I have a few similar fashions linked below. Yes, this does trickle over into my number #4 items, however, the 80’s style is just dope to me. Very laid back, very chill but full of fun colors and patterns. And let’s be honest, who’s really going to get rid of Faux Leather anything??

4. Statement tops, sweats, and blouses.

These are the kind of tops you should gather up more and more often. No matter the season, statement tops can instantly turn your outfit into a very chic casual style. Sweats, blouses and even dresses, you can never go wrong with a statement top.

fashion staples

5. Stacked Rings.

Ohhhh whenever my nails are done. OMG, these just add a certain something somethaaanng! My go-to use to be forever 21, now I am on the hunt for more of these staple accessories.

This is the list I have so far. What are some of the hottest fashion staples that you are wearing on repeat this year? Comment and share below!


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