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5 Productive apps everyone can use



productive apps

5 Productive apps everyone can use


With distractions everywhere, we as humans must manage to get work done. To be productive and function in today’s world can seem impossible to most. Since becoming a blogger and contractor for my own business, I found a few productivity apps that combine well with work and play. These apps are available for both your phone and computer which is a bonus since almost everything is synced to your phone. There were more, but these apps mention below are just more productive for me. 

Evernote –

Install this app on either your phone or computer and start creating and sharing notes right away! It’s way better than the notebook the comes with your phone. Everything can be set and created with a notebook, to-do list task manager, you can add team members to join in on projects, or just doodle. Check it out for free or if you need to, upgrade!


Great for planning your media content ahead of time. Creating a visual story days and weeks ahead frees up my time to have a life and enjoy living in the moment. This app also has a free and paid plan, click here to try it out!


This app sets up meetings and is synced with your google calendar. Sign up, book a meeting, send a link to the person your meeting, and boom reminder comes up. You are never going to forget! Talk about having a personal assistant ALWAYS.


Great again for handling any social media task. Again an app such as this can free up your time. From blogging to Social Media and even Email marketing, Co -Schedule is an affordable tool to have.


Another great app for creating your daily or weekly task. Todoist makes your daily goals come to life and everything is synced to your google calendar.


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