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5 Reasons Bloggers should network with other Bloggers

5 Reasons Bloggers should network with other Bloggers

I have been blogging since October 2014 and it just comes in handy to have a blogger babe by your side! They understand the process, the journey,and the overall mistakes that were teachable moments. I have had the pleasure to meet and work with a few bloggers I have only met online and I have to say I am beyond grateful to say that yes, they are so nice! I have gathered a few reasons below to Network with other Bloggers & Influencers!



5 reasons to network with other bloggers


1)Gaining a travel buddy.
Most people are not going to understand what we do as bloggers. To strangers, bloggers just attend events for free and receive “free” product. So, to have someone who you are good friends with along with understanding what we do and why we do it is a big plus. Positive vibes only!!!

2) The takeover and sharing post.
Sometimes you run out of ideas or even get writers block. Or let’s even say, you want to take a week long vacation but still want to have great content for your readers, what do you do? Having a blogger babe at arms length to guest post for your blog is the best time saver ever! You can even have a few of your bloggers  collaborate on blog post or even take over your Instagram. Take a look at my post from the Snob Tour, and my Expert Series (Featured promo pics below) featuring Influencers with a total close to 500k followers combined on Instagram.

3) Inspiration
I have so far three to two bloggers I am totally inspired by at the moment!  While staying in my own lane, I dibble and dab from them both ladies. From thinking about how I want to write a specific blog post (sponsored or not) to which picture will be the right fit for my blog and on Instagram.

4) Barter Services
Yes, you blog for business but outside of that, how can you help eachother? Other strengths that you have may be web designing, emailing brands or creating a simple collage. Having a blogger that is also a good photographer, makeup artist and etc can have great benefits as well. You will never know when you need a favor or vice versa, be sure your the first one to reach out and give.

Brunch pt 1
Photo credit: Ashley Kuenstler

5) Helping each other
Do keep in mind that everyone’s journey is different. You may be just starting out or you simply want to get your feet wet in blogging. There are a large amount of resources out there for you to take notes from and gather your research, but nothing beats having someone who’s been or going on the same journey as you. Sharing tips and information are beyond the best qualities you can have in a blogger buddy. While google is still my best friend in this industry, I had the pleasure to network and meet other bloggers on an amazing platform named Blogger Babes. Perfect for bloggers and influencers alike! I have gotten so much help and support from the co-founders within the past months it’s beyond amazing. From creating my website to how to pitch to brands, both Heidi and Ponn has been absolutely amazing!


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