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5 Things Bloggers should know before working with Publicist

5 Things Bloggers should know before working with Publicist



5 Things Bloggers should know before working with Publicist

It’s every blogger’s dream to receive an email from a PR person or firm. They have chosen you to review or write about their client’s’ product, services, etc. But there are some bad apples in a large pool of blogging and that can be for many reasons. For the main reason, they simply don’t know. Where there is a lack of knowledge, people perish. I have had the pleasure of working with some dope a#$ Publicists, and Brands alike within the last year. I wanted to post this to simply share some information before you hit the send button to the PR. 

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5) They are not Sales person.

82553e7afc448e2a24fdf5c09d343225 Public Relations specialist they maintain and build relationships with the media. You being a blogger, makes you apart of the media. Do not send them a rate sheet, instead use this template below.

“Thank you so much for reaching out to me! Before we go any further, would your client happen to have a budget for media/bloggers?If so, please direct me to the correct person. If not, I do apologize but we are not accepting product in trade for posting reviews, blog post, or etc. “

Even if they reply back nasty, brush it off. There is no reason to stoop to anyone’s level.


4) Have everything in writing.

You should have created a template of an agreement. Especially If cash is in the works! Your rep is everything and the last thing you want to do is too piss off a PR person. Be a person of honor and integrity and do what you said you were going to do. AFTER ALL YOU ARE KEEPING THE PRODUCT! And to some bloggers, they receive payment as well.


3) Keep in touch.

Its nothing to take time out to touch base with a Publicist, let them know you are genuine  and not all business. See who-are-the-most-powerful-publicists-in-hollywoodhow you two can collaborate on more projects, and etc. Remember things change, that same PR can land a client who is willing pay you for your services or become the top contact person at a major brand.


2) If they ask for stats, media kits, send it.

You have created some amazing content, work with some good brands, or maybe you’ve done neither and don’t really keep track of anything. You just like blogging. Be honest and tell them that. If not, send over what they ask for and don’t make a big deal about it.

Here are a few shots of mine>>  7  4

1) Be Nice

At the end of the day, your brand is how you make people feel. Be nice and pleasant even when people aren’t. If things get heated do defend yourself, but at the end of the day let no one control your mood.


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