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5 Things you shouldn’t be Sorry about

5 Things you shouldn’t be Sorry about


Beyonce and serena
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Yes this blog post was inspired by Beyonce’s Sorry from her Lemonade album. But it also got me to thinking that this song and the title can mean so many things outside of a relationship with your mate. So what dose my creative mind do, write a blog post about it.




5 Things you shouldn’t be Sorry about


1.Know your worth

There is something very refreshing about this simply because you feel free. Your value is everything to you and this doesn’t come in the form of money. Time is everything and very important.  I learned this a few years ago, and especially working in the Fashion industry. This is a must because honestly, you can be taken advantage of.

2.Spoiling yourself

Working hard means you get to play even harder! You earn the right to buy whatever it is you wanted to purchase. A home, a bag or even take a trip on that amazing dream vacation. Forget anyone who doesn’t see the grind behind the shine.

3.Working Hard

I am not the type of person to just wait on or work or beg for it. I highly believe in working hard for what you want in life. Sometimes, you have to cut down on the partying or hanging out. Handle your own ish, because everyone around you wish they would have sooner. Don’t feel bad for working long hours, but for sure make a list of priorities. I highly believe family comes before work. 

4.Being Happy

This is simply the best feeling in the world! Why because you give no F*&ks! It can come by having a glass of wine before 3pm or simply lounging by the pool everyday. If it puts a smile on your face…do it. 

5.Taking Risk

The reason why  this made the list is simply because there are lessoned learned when taking risk. Mistakes are going to be made throughout life -no one is perfect. But when you know better you do better.


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