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5 Ways you can stay motivated

5 Ways you can stay motivated

 x 5 Ways you can stay motivated x

Being motivated to few can be considered a full time job. For some people, they know where to start ,then stop then start again. Some people don’t even know where to start. Over the years, I tried a few tricks that I am going to turn into treats just for you. This has helped me and I hope it can help you stay motivated even during the discouraging times. I believe once you realize how powerful you are, these tips below will be added to your daily routine.


5 Write it down

How do you know what you want if you don’t have it fully written down? Write the vision and make it plain. Your goals and dreams should be written down in your handwriting- Why? Because your brain knows your handwriting and it’s important to read it everyday so you will not get lost on this roadmap to life. Discouragement will come, distractions will come, obstacles will come, but you writing this vision, your goals down you need to be focused. Last year I created a Goal tracker notebook. Download it here for free to keep up with your goals and write down what you really want out of life.


4 Speak Life into your goals

There is so much power in the words you speak. Seems corny and very cliche’ but it real. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. I do believe once you speak great things into the universe once you speak great affirmations everyday. You This also ties in with number 3.

3 Meditation

If you have a few minutes-at least 7 minutes out of the day, think about your goals. Close your eyes and envision what you want your life to be and what you will be doing. The kicker of this entire thing is that your subconscious doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not. It only receives the one thing or things you think about.

2.Vision Board

I have created 2 vision boards. One on Pintrest and the other one I keep in my room. I speak to it everyday! Your vision board must excite you not bore you. If you are not feeling what’s going on right now with your vision board, remove some pictures. Have your goals changed within the last year? Change around the photos that make you feel amazing about this board manifesting in your life. I have a media company, I am a fashion stylist and as you can see I want the guy that I marrying to be just as hot as these guys LOL!!!


There is nothing more precious on this earth than being thankful. Gratitude is the most pleasing experience you can have. Be grateful for the things you have along with the things that are on your vision board. Now while it may not have manifested yet, to be grateful for it anyway is the faith you must need to keep you motivated.


I hope this information can help you out! It’s going to take some time putting this into practice but it’s worth the grunt work. Do you have a vision board? If not have you thought about creating one? Share and comment below!


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