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5 Ways to stay motivated during this difficult time.

5 Ways to stay motivated during this difficult time.

During this difficult time, it’s very easy to turn to the news and live in fear. While we are all living under a tight restriction here within the States, it’s all to protect one another from Covid-19. I believe this to shall pass! This will be over soon, hopefully. With quarantine being the new normal, I created a list to keep us motivated while we stay indoors. Over the course of the next 30 days, I created a list to keep me positive and motivated during these times. Check out what I am doing. Also, I created another post about Health Habits that will do wonders too!

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-Keep Dreaming//

Remember your goals or that vacation you were going to take this spring? Keep planning and keep shopping for that swimsuit. If that trip doesn’t happen this year, plan it for next. 


Pictures say so much without having to say anything at all. It’s all about visualization. Keep this in front of you instead of CNN


Watch something funny. Hulu and Amazon has a large selection of shows that you can take advantage of. Share this time with your family, get to know them more. Make dinner and breakfast and actually conversate with one another.

-Working out//

It sounds like a hard thing for most to do. Working out is not easy but you will feel good and this will take your mind off these difficult times. 30 days will pass anyway.

Keeping in touch//

Always stay in touch with loves one and check on them. No texting, try calling and facetime.

I hope this list motivates you and brings you positive vibes. What are you doing during this difficult time to stay motivated?

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