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5 worst things you can do as blogger!

5 worst things you can do as Blogger

I have been blogging seriously since October of 2014. And a few things I have ran across when interacting in the blogger world that I am going to share but mostly comes from common sense. Enjoy the read!



  1. Stay ready

Be sure you always have a media kit ready. A brand reaches out to you or vice versa and they are requesting information on your blog and you.


2) Have a pro do it

So I have a mentor (actually 2) and I sent them a logo I made personally, and quickly the response back-NO! This will not work! Within the next 24 hours I had a choice to choose between two logos that were done by a professional graphic designer. Now if you don’t have the sources or income to pay one, choose a few sites that you can make your own but have someone look over it first.


3) Be nice

We as people mostly communicate through email. When working with a brand or their Public Relations team, it’s best to respond is a nice tone and manner. Remember, days change and that PR that you was nasty with now works for the brand you loved since you were 12.


There is one thing to have a strong personality but it’s another to have an attitude because you think you’re back in high school. That will not make people afraid of you, it will just make people lose interest in you and your brand. Remember where you came from and focus on where you are going.


4) Procrastination

I know, most times you don’t feel like doing anything, we are human that’s what we do. But if this is something serious and it doesn’t necessarily pertain to blogging, you have to make time. Remember if it is not something you are obsessed with then it’s just a hobby.


5) Keep in touch!

Business or just for fun, it is great to always keep in touch with those who help you or just sparked a relationship with online. It one way to make friends all over the world!


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