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6 Fashionable Summer tops you need now!

6  Fashionable Summer tops you need now!

Indeed summer tops are cute and fashionable hints as to why this post was created. This amazing weather has me excited for Summer ,and what better way than to present to you some fashionable items you need for this season?  If you want to stand out without making an effort and spending hours deciding on what to wear, having a very detailed Summer top to pair with your skinny jeans will be it!

Indeed having these cute tops for the Summer in your closet arsenal will save you time and money. It’s a go to for rooftop parties, events, and can be easily paired with a high waist skirt if you want to dress it up. I have created and gathered this list for your shopping for summer tops to have below. Happy shopping and feel free to comment and share this post!


  1. Cold Shoulder 

    Such a tease! This Summer top is a must have!!

    2. The One Shoulder 

    3. Off the Shoulder ** 

    4. Wrap Top

    5.  Any top w/Bows & Knots

    6. Structed top


Here are a few more selections!


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