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6 Winter Athleisure pieces you should buy now.

Nothing beats a good Winter Athleisure wardrobe. Today, I am counting down 6 Winter athleisure items you should invest in. Retailers such as Nordstrom and Macys, are having major sales on their athleisure gear, it’s the best time to shop. This repeated trend is going nowhere anytime soon. Especially since there’s hardly anything open.

Comfort and chic is the overall goal the winning for 2021. Jogger, sneakers, and sweatshirts are just a few items that fit within this box. You cannot deny you’ve found yourself wearing athleisure wear more than normal in 2020. Since this is such a versatile style to dress up and down, you already know a blog post is needed. From high to low impact workouts to very supportive sports bra, TPS has you covered. 

Winter Athleisure pieces


Not much of a sneaker head, but since 2020-they’ve been my go-to. Last Summer I purchased the Stan Smith Adidas in all white for casual styles. Acsis I have for all of my high impact workouts and daily walks. 


I lean on leggings for being squat proof, having pockets and overall comfort. Zella, Peach (the nina and signature leggings are my fave), and Under Amour are just the brands I trust to have all 3. 

Sports Bras

For heavy chested and high impact workouts, I head to the Under Armour brand. Mountain climbers, Burpees and more. This is my go-to Sports bra. The brand also has great options for low and mid impact workouts as well.


Hoodies/ Crop, pullover, and full-zip.

Winter so far hasn’t been too harsh. So, I’ve been opting for hoodies to add as a great layering option after a workout or to run errand . Just a little something to keep you warm before heading to the car or train. Also, we can’t leave out the full zip up hoodies. I am also loving the crop hoodies, it shows off my soon to be abs. lol.


They are just so comfy! Period. Again, this is another great layering piece! I am loving these featured  here, here and here

Matching Sets

Peach brand is my the top 5 for when it comes to athleisure wear. I recently received this gift  me. I am wearing a size large in signature leggings and crew neck long sleeve top.

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