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7 Items that I always Travel with.

7 Items that I always Travel with.

While I cannot say I am an official jet setter, I have a few items that I always travel with. It can be a long or short flight- for me, these items are a must-have. Yes, these items are carry on approved and under $50.

  • Lip Blam// Moisture your lips and keep hydrated because while in the air-you are going to be licking your lips often.
  • Notebook// I like to doodle, jot down ideas, or plan my next vacation.
  • Facial Wipes// Who wear make up on the place tho?? Take that off! These are my go-to. Simple, but this is one items that I always travel with
  • A Book-or Audiobook// Since I basically stare at the screen all day, I am still a fan of a good hard or paperback book. I usually would read a Bible Devotion and or some self-development book. The Power of your subconscious mind is a great audio to listen to quickly. Get a 30-day free trial with Amazon Audible Audiobook.
  • Headphones // Unless there’s a good looking guy sitting next to you, these aren’t really needed. However, I do use this for the moment I don’t want to bother without actually saying it. These headphones are amazing and under $50!
  • Neck Pillow// Its all about being comfortable. Here is on neck pillow that’s under $25 and is comfortable for a long or short flight.
  • Lotion // But one without all the fragrance. Something you can put over your face and hands. Just a little added something to keep moisturized.
  • Oversized scarf// It doubles as a blanket and must better than the itchy ones they give you. Here’s another one!

SnobBounus> Amazon Prime movies// This only works for me if I am in the mood to watch a movie and it has to be on American Airlines. I receive free wifi through my cell phone provider. Also, this portable battery charger!! The best.

Is there an item on this blog you think I missed? Comment and share below a few of your items.

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