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7 Key Factors you need to make your Goals real


The Number 7 is the meaning of completion and perfection. Not to say that you will do everything perfect in life but I believe that having these 7 key factors in your life will help you complete your goals. We are going into the new year, honestly I never been a fan of resolutions because it’s simply a phase. I began writing down my goals a little over five years or so ago. Monthly, weekly and now I am creating a habit to complete 7 task a day with 4 of them being daily habits. 

7 Key Factors you need to make your Goals real

  1. Write it down. I book a read says to write to vision and make it plan. If you’ve read any book relating to goals or etc, you know to write it down in detail. What exactly is it that you want?
  2.  Focus. Not sure what your goal is but if your are doing something that’s not pertaining to your goals, then you are becoming distracted from it.
  3. Speak it. Sounds corny but you are what you say you are. Have you ever notice that that you think a thought, then your speak that thought and it happens???? Yeah.
  4. Have a accountability partner. Have at least 5 people you trust to tell your dreams too. Make sure they are always the ones who are on your ass and inspire you. These people should bring out the best in you and you can determine and use discernment to figure out if these people are genuine.
  5. Create a vision board around it. I have a physical board and a pinterest board centered around my goals.
  6. Act as if its already done. Crazy but true, your mind doesn’t know the difference between whats real or not-only you can determine what it is.
  7. Have a mentor. Have someone to look up too, that you admire. I am grateful and lucky enough to surround myself with straight boss women and men who are in the same field as me doing what I love to do. They are simply giving me the shortcuts!


Have one that needs to be on the list? Comment below and share!


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