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7 Summer pieces you need in your closet//

7 Summer pieces you need in your closet//


SUMMER IS HERE!!!! Yay aren’t you excited? I just got back in town from a weekend getaway from the Country and although I had a great time, this blog post has been burning on the inside of me. It has been blistering hot for the past few weeks and even days, but I’ve gathered you a list of sexy and comfortable items to keep you cool!

7 Summer Pieces you need in your Closet

  1. Yes we wear short shorts.

No big surprise right? But most people are not comfortable in their own skin to wear shorts, especially the short shorts. Below are different types and lengths.

  1. Off the Shoulder chick. 

Let’s be honest, this look is having a moment. And it’s great to camouflage my little pudgy belly lol.

  1. Floppy Hats.

Yes the style is everything but it also blocks the sun from beaming on your skin. As much as I love the sun, I know it also can be dangerous if exposed for a long periods of time.

  1. Sunglasses.

Keep them on you at all times!! It’s also great to invest in Sunglasses that are polarized. Clear to see through but strong enough to block the rays of the sun and etc!

5. Rompers
I can’t help but to love a good romper! It’s just one simple outfit and can be worn for many events.
6. Basic cotton Shirts
A nice cotton material v-neck shirt or tank top is great to have in your closet. Let’s be honest, it’s hot and most of us…yes even the fashionable ones, would rather be comfortable than slay everyday. Or at least that’s just me. Plus, you can always dress up a casual top with a nice skirt or shorts.
7. Dresses
Still want to be chic and comfortable, dresses are a great way to start on a hot day. Also, dresses are a great way to transition from event to event.



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