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8 Additional Skill Sets that you can pitch to Brands as a Content Creator.

pitch to brands

Do you want to pitch to brands, but not sure what to pitch them? That’s one out of a million obstacles that content creators run into. When starting out, you are excited! But now you want to take the initiative to pitch to brands. However, you are stuck at what exactly to pitch them. Outside of the social media and YouTube (TPS just started mine, check it out) content, pitch them your skills. While most brands are not going to want to work with you for whatever reason they have Along with sending your sponsored package, pitch them your skills. Are you good a web designing? Creating visual merchandise/ floor plans? These are just a few ideas to pitch to brands if you possess these skills.

I was inspired by a fellow content creator who stated on the message board to made this statement. I am in the Fashion industry, and my content is centered around Fashion. Why I never wanted to pitch this as an additional service to brands? Imposter syndrome, rejection, etc. I’ve worked shows at NYFW and I’ve done commercial shoots too. I have legit proof that I am capable of providing this service. Yet-I didn’t pitch this service, basically leaving money on the table. Well, not anymore, 2021 we going where the money resides and that’s your skill set.

In conclusion, I’ve listed a few skill sets that are simple and easy to learn if you don’t already possess them.

Pitch to brands

8 Additional Skill Sets that you can pitch to brands as a Content Creator.

  1. Web Development. Have a website to showcase your work. Create a website from start to finish, landing pages, etc.
  2. Prop Stylist/ Product shooting. Flat lays and more. You can also hire a photographer who’s amazing at shooting still or moving objects.
  3. Create Content exclusive for the brand centered around their products. Tell them that you are willing to send the products back in exchange for this. I would suggest developing a mutual relationship with brands and smaller businesses.
  4. Graphic Designer. Have a website to showcase your work. You can create some great graphics for the brand or apply for an internship with them!
  5. Photographer. Adobe and photoshop along with other editing skills are a must have in the industry. Have a portfolio and share the link with the brand.
  6. Creative Director. The person of bringing the idea to life via a photoshoot. If you don’t have the resources and contacts, don’t waste their time and ruin your name. Have some projects under your belt. Or ask for an internship!
  7. Fashion Stylist. How to style this with this. (Also, you can do this with a collage blog post and send this information within your pitch. The brand can get a feel for your work.
  8. Public Relations and Marketing. Contacts are key with this one as well!

Bonus: Spend the day with the marketing team creating some content and sharing ideas with them. This works well for pitching to hotels.

Sidenote, don’t put down brand strategist and you don’t know how to do that. If you are great at prop styling, pitch that. Photography- pitch that. The industry is small and the PR contacts are always changing their careers. Today they are working in beauty, next week luxury.

Did I miss any? Comment and share below.


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