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MakeUp Monday: Sacha Cosmetics.

Okay, so we made week 2 with being consistent with this makeup Monday series thing lol..YAY! Before we get into this post I just want to say that I am not a guru nor a professional makeup artist. I use Youtube and are friendly with people who know how to do makeup.

It’s always good to check out some good makeup brands, I finally came around to getting this brand reviewed after months of having it inside my makeup case. Yeah…lol…I know.

My Truth

This particular makeup brand I came across last year during fashion week in New York. I was styling a few shows where Sacha Cosmetics was the makeup sponsor. I received some buttercup setting powder which works well with any of the foundations I’ve used. As well as the actual foundation. My color is Perfect Carmel…yes I know right!! The reason why I wanted to feature this brand is (1.) I got it for free.( 2,) I’ve seen women that looked like me throughout the entire marketing materials. (3.) The price points are reasonable and accurate when it comes to the product. 

A little goes a long way with both products, also for me the foundation might have an oil base to it. The ButterCup setting powder can last you for months and it’s complete perfection! In conclusion, I can say that I would be restocking this particular brand, especially the setting powder when I get low. 

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