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About The Pink Snob

Welcome to, a fashion blog for and lifestyle website dedicated to inspiring women all over the world.

The Pink Snob (TPS) started in 2013 at beginning of my Fashion Styling career. It wasn’t until 2015 I decided to rebrand and create something more than a personal journal. I wanted to have an amazing fashion blog!! I love writing, so I actually decide to go under a pen name-that was confusing AF. Finally, after much thought and consideration, I started going to my government name Lakeshia! Lastly, I kept the end in mind when came to ThePinkSnob.In 2020 I took a leap of faith and decided to become a full-time digital content creator. Since then, I’ve been able to partner with brands on paid campaigns such as Sarah Flint Luxury Shoes, Afterpay, and TheRealReal-just to name a few. The main goal is to provide the ThePinkSnob community with fashion-loving, money-making, goal manifesting content.

About Lakeshia

About Black Fashion blogger

Lakeshia Conners (under the former pen name Jennifer Isaiah) is a fashion blogger and content creator of The Pink A fashion, lifestyle, and travel website dedicated to inspiring women all over the world. With a background in fashion, Lakeshia decided to expand her passion as a stylist into her love for writing. She has since been able to work with many brands on campaigns and attend Fashion Week as a content creator as well.

Mission Statement

To inform, educate and inspire women at any age from any background to live their dreams. Seek happiness mentally, physically, and emotionally. I plan to accomplish this mission by sharing my passion for fashion styling, writing, and more on this platform. Is that you? If so, let’s connect!

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