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Adulthood is so overrated

Adulthood is so overrated

Growing up I couldn’t wait to become an adult or what my momma would say be grown.I thought that you wouldn’t have anyone telling you what to do, you will always have money and etc. WRONG AS AF!!!!


It’s so overrated! I’ll take  sweet age of 8 or 17 anytime of the day but then I couldn’t have my wine. So why have I suddenly come to this realization? I guess you can say some incidents, built up mistakes, and love ones who are not here anymore caused me to write this blog post. That no matter what you are your own responsibility, and that someone is always depending on you, counting on you, or watching you. You still have people telling you what to do rather that’s your boss or government. I mean what’s gonna happen if you don’t pay rent? LOL .


There are so many things in life that I want and to accomplish that I can really see myself there already. I am very ambitious, but a few weeks ago, I was so tired I cried. LOL Like…who TF does that? My mind, my body I was just exhausted and ready to go on vacation where the sun is shining and there’s nothing to do but dig my pedicured toes into the hot sand. The cold frozen alcohol  liquid streaming down my throat places a smile on face-the brain freeze didn’t matter. I just needed that moment to manifest at that time. Yeah…

I believe that older we get the more realization in life is that shit is just gonna happen, no matter how positive you are. What does count is your reaction to the outcome. Are you gonna give up? Or are you going keep moving forward?


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