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All about Babor-Luxe Beauty

All about Babor-Luxe Beauty

I had the pleasure to receive a set of beauty products from Babor, along with being apart of the 7 day challenge.  Babor is a luxury skincare brand.  I was beyond excited to receive these goodies in the mail. The Babor serums we’re to be used day and nigh consistently for the best results. But before we get into 7 day challenge, let me just tell you that the packing-IS EVERYTHING. It screams luxury and I am always exited when a brand puts details into the first thing their customers see. Visual appealing details are it for me! So, enoguh chit-caht, let’s get into my results. 


My Truth: I don’t have any skin concerns, so I requested a serum that will provide my skin moisture. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should 🙂 ), daily I posted my 7 day results on Instagram stories. Me personally, I didn’t see any exact different in my face. Truthfully, I can tell you that the serum provided me with the moisture I needed. More than enough product in each tube along with being highly concentrated. So I would recommend this product if you have very dry skin or even for the harsh winters. Visit Website Here!

I captured moment of using Babor on my Instagram stories!!! xoxo


Thank you so much Babor, PR Beach house for the gifiting !


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