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Are you ready for this collaboration?

Victoria Beckham x Target

So it’s 2017! Another year for new and amazing fashion trends have a play on social media. But, after doing some research, I found out a favorite store of mine along with a very fashionable spice girl will be having a collaboration this year…Yes, that’s right, Victoria Beckham will be collaborating with Target!! So this is what happens when 2 become 1? Hahaha lame but I bet you laughed xx

According to, Victoria will also have apparel for toddler and children for this partnership too. Note to budget fashion bloggers price point ranges from $6 to $70 with sizes from XS to 3XL.  April 9, is the date that the Victoria Beckham collection will hit Target stores and  The collection will also have inspired looks from the Beckham, Victoria Beckham line.

Why I am excited

It is always great to have high end designers collaboration with popular brands. It makes them aware that not everyone can buy or want to buy a simple black dress that retails for $200 on up. I cannot wait to make investment to bring you some amazing content for Spring. Below I have created some stylish items from Beckham’s line for you to look through and be inspired from.


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