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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Creative.

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How to avoid burnout as a creative? Whew, where do I begin y’all? From personal experience, being a content creator during Q4, emotions are everywhere! Anxious, excited, tired, and the list goes on and on. You might feel eager to share all the details of everything you are doing that day. For a business, the Holidays play a huge factor in income earnings and goal planning for 2022. Wheater you are full-time in your business or balancing your creative hustle on the side outside of your 9-5, burnout is real. If 2020 taught us anything, taking pride in our mental wellbeing is a top priority. While this list can be longer, here are five ways to avoid burnout as creative.

5 Ways to avoid burnout as a creative.


1. Plan Ahead.

Of course, this is ideal. Some people tend to work their best at the last minute. However, this can cause overwhelming stress to the body. If you are a content creator, schedule your content ahead using tools like PLANOLY or LATER.   

2. Choose A Day to create. 

Choose a day or two out of the week to create the content you need. Shoot photos, film tiktoks, write captions for IG, etc. With this, you would use an editorial calendar. I am currently using the calendar I created on NOTION.

HERE’S AN IDEAL: Also, think about planning your content in batches for a month or quarter. 

3. Log off social media-Track times.

Even if you have to uninstall the app, if your popping into Instagram and Tiktok -even your email multiple times a day. Pick a set time that you are going to be on social media. 30 min to an hour should do it. 

HERE’S AN IDEAL: Unfollow anything that does not match the positive vibes you are on right now. Team no negativity. 

4. Choose your lazy/rest day.

Pick a day where you do nothing and do not Instagram it. Choose to go to a not-so Instagrammable spot and enjoy the scenery. Since you planned all your content ahead of time, this rest/lazy day is well earned. 

5. Get on the social media detox train

I hopped on this social media detox train a few times year. Of course, it was due to my poor planning and doing more than I could at the time. There were more hours at night I stayed laughing on TikTok than waking up early writing in my journal. 

Here’s an example of that balance. 

Say you get the chance to plan and batch your content for the month or week. How about you take a month or week off? Everything will still be motion like your there planning your content, responding to emails in real-time. 

While this may be something you love, and it doesn’t seem like work, burnout is brutal! The last thing you want to do is feel unmotivated about something you love to do. Take care of yourself first.


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xo, Lakeshia


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