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B day post

B day post

This is a blog rite, mostly it’s my blog and I feel like I should just inform you that today is my birthday but most of all last night was insane. For the record I turned 25 again- but I met up with my ladies last night, I was three drinks in about to get another one and as I was getting the bar tenders attention, this guy jumps me-I can’t remember how it happen but I ended up giving him the finger and mouthing “FU” to him. I ended up getting a drink on his tab. Of course he tried to talk to me. 

Then there was this other guy that was following me around the entire night WTF?! He’d give me my space but somehow find me. 
So at the end of the night two girls were fighting and throwing glasses at each other omg that was funny because …it just was. Long story short I got a hangover and it was the worst feeling ever like…ugh. So tonight it just a low key dinner. I’m grateful that I saw another year and bless with family and friends!!


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