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Best sneakers to purchase for every budget.

The best sneakers for 2022 have arrived and let’s face it- some are just classic that you need to invest in. I am here to remind you of that! LOL. Comfort and versatile footwear is my number one priority. Sneakers make every outfit look achievable when it comes to casual style. They also can come in handy for brunch too because too many mimosas and if you are in heels. Sound like a disaster ready to happen right? Nevertheless, I am sharing some amazing sneaks that are on-trend, worthy investment, and the must-have classic to have in your wardrobe. No matter the budget!

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Best Sneakers to purchase!

Valentines Day

Luxury lust list- Archlights Louis Vuttion.

So these are the archlight‘s from Louis Vuttion. While these may be considered not popular anymore, I adore them. From the airport to the brunch. I would be able Also, I would be able to get these for cheaper on a resale website. 


When thinking of classic foot- Adidas Orginal Superstar and the Nike airforce 1’s comes to mind. They will always be a worthy investment sneaker. These are the two styles that will always be on-trend. Stay ahead of the game by keeping these classic shoes in great condition and already in your closet. 

Under $100 sneakers.

Designer dupes (seen here, and here) are becoming popular and popular every single day. I love this idea of buying dupes. Simply because that will let me know when I am ready to invest, I will wear my shoes over and over and they will last longer. Outside of dupes, I rounded up some casual sneakers under $100.

Comment below and share if you’ve already had a pair of classic sneakers in your closet? If not do you plan on making a purchase? 

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