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Beyonce Screen back drop
Beyonce places on the screen of innocent black people who have been killed by the police. cc: @Beyonce

This has been on my mind the past few days to write this post. I believe that I have calmed down enough to write this with a clear mind, and since I have platform to share style I am also going to share my voice. This is by no means a blog post of hate towards another race-because that’s not what I am about.


If you haven’t heard by now, there have been two black men that were killed by the same people who were sworn in to protect us- the police. This was all less than 24 to 48 hours of each other. One death was even live streamed and went viral on Facebook -Oh and a baby was in the back seat by the way while the young man was shot. So what were they doing to get killed by the police you ask? One was selling CD’s and another one got pulled over for a broken tail light. Now hold this thought, but let me bring you another real life situation.

A white man goes into a movie theater he shoots, and kills innocent people, A white man goes into a church he shoots and kills innocent people…they were apprehended and are still alive.


That’s why I am pissed! Why we as black people are upset! If your brain cannot understand or comprehend this then it’s not for you to understand so go in the corner and play your Pokemon’ game. This is nothing but modern day lynching and this generation will not stand for it. We are now seeing what our grandfathers and fathers before them went through almost 50 something years. What has changed is that we have a voice! And we will not be silent!  And for those of you who come with that “All lives matter” True…those are facts. But the firefighter is going to take care of the burning house on the street, not all of the houses. Why? Because the burning house is the one that’s on fire! WE ARE ON FIRE AND HAVE BEEN!! If you think Rodney King was the first black man to get a beating by the police you’re wrong. If you think Mike Brown was the first young black boy to get killed by the police you’re wrong. Who the hell and how in the hell am I supposed to trust and give you a call  for help?I have a father, uncles, cousins, and little cousins that are going to be GROWN BLACK MEN one day. They literally have to be sat down at a certain age to learn how to talk to a police office if they get pulled over and ask questions.


Now I am going on to another influencer who is telling America it’s OKAY spread this hate. Because he wants to make America great again (before or after 1965?) . You need to vote. I don’t care who’s in the top two but that man cannot win. We already segregated as a country and by you not voting you only letting him win by a landslide. So get your ass out there and vote not only during the presidency but your local governments as well.


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