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Blogger Babes! What is it?

New to blogging? Not sure if you’re doing it right? Heidi Nazarudin started blogging with no more than a passion to write. With little support and resources, everything she learned was through trial and error. She truly knows what starting a blog is like and wanted to make sure that those who want to blog have the resources and tools that she didn’t, and for them not to feel so alone.

Heidi started Blogger Babes and then teamed up with bestselling author and #digitaldinosaur Ponn Sabra, to provide bloggers with education, sponsored campaigns, networking events, and  business coaching and support services.

What is Blogger Babes?

Blogger Babes is a community of driven female bloggers seeking solutions and support to successfully navigate the highly competitive arena of online curation and blogging. If you gravitate towards lifestyle topics, such as the fashion, beauty, food, travel, DIY/decor or mommy niches, then you’ll fit right in!

Why Blogger Babes?

Blogger Babes is a sisterhood that acts as a beacon of encouragement and support for its members.  A network and the help needed to become successful.

The #1 difference of this particular blogger network is its comprehensive learning library (link) with eguides, ekits, Kindle ebooks and so much more.

Let Blogger Babes help you climb to the top of the blogging ladder. Join the member’s directory and gain free publicity today at


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