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Blogging Update: 8 Tips to keep in mind for Blogging.

Hey Snobs,

So I have grown and grown so much with being a blogger since last year! I am apart of an amazing blogger resource organization called “Blogger Babes”, and I have made great contacts and worked with some great brands as well. I have even made other blogger friends and have them be a feature on my site. Also… I have my own FREAKING APP!!!!

With all of my learning experiences, I do plan to make “ThePinkSNob” another income stream. With that, I’ve learned how to say no and accept rejection along with long waiting periods. I’ve learned to be my own publicists and marketing person (until I can put one on payroll) as well as photographer. It’s amazing what you can do and able to pay out for the perfect fit with you brand.

With this being my quarterly update, here are some tips for moving forward with your blog.

-Learn not to take things so personal

Be nice and send a nice response! They want to work with you great or they do not want to work with you that’s  great too. Send a few follow ups after some time passes! Remember, be persistent but never beg.


You are never done researching when it comes to making your blog better. You grow and change everyday as a person.

-Do you and screw what everyone has to say-

This is your blog, unless that person is where you want to be and they have the income and you along with the results….its BS they are feeding you.

-Be consistent-

There are many of times where I am completely lost of what to write. I want to write quality blog post as well as great product to review. Never pull anything out of your ass, it shows your readers that you really don’t care.

-Collaborate with other Bloggers-

Exposing amazing content of others will never hurt your success.

-Stay true to who you are

The statements is what it is.

-Stay positive-

Have music or people that inspire you and keep you in a good mood in your social circle.

-Sell yourself-

Who knows you exist if you don’t promote yourself along with your services?


In the end, be happy and have fun also take some time off! This was meant to be fun and exciting, not stressful

Until next time,



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