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Blogging Goals 2015


With this being in the beginning  of May, I will start with with the end in mind! Yes this post maybe five months late but I have gotten use to writing my goals down on paper. But with some bloggers and snobs reading this, I want to be held accountable and make sure I do what I say and Say what I do…make sense? KEEP ME ON MY TOES!!!!

1) Reach 15k on Twitter and Instagram

Being a blogger you know how important your reach is. This is not only to partner with brands but know that your supporters believe in your brand and what you stand for. They love you, why not make a positive impact with a great reach?

2) YouTube Channel

I actually recorded a few but did not like it. But this gave me some time to get not only a camera but material. PS I am totally open to ideas. I just don’t want to cover reviews.

3) Learn More

So grateful that there are people in the world with amazing hearts and are willing to help. In the beginning everything I knew I googled searched it. Other than that, there also were some pricey investments. But I cam across some amazing people and they told me everything and what I need to do example: Media Kit, working with Brands, Why bloggers need a emailing list, etc. So I plan to learn more on top of what I am learning now.

4) Make X$ of money.

I don’t want to use numbers, its tacky but I have that information written down. Untimely I want to live off my blog and this is one of many streams of income I am working on at the moment. I love blogging, so why not make fun and earn from it.

I actually wrote all my goals down before 2015, and they are slowly coming to pass. I am really excited about that. I can only hope for much more greater things. Be sure to write your goals down and be clear with them. Don’t forget about them and plan how are you going to make that goal happen.

What are some of your blogging goals? Comment and share!


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