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Snob Update 2nd Quater!
So I wanted to continue with the update on blogging and share my journey since I have been blogging professionally. I am going to list a few tools and resources that have really stood out for me in the last quarter while build my business. I hope you can enjoy the information and that it is useful to you. I also will place additional links below that are great resources also what I learned from them!

1) Have a media kit.
If your main goal is to work with Brands and want to stand out in any email that is pitched to an editor, this is the magic tool. I suggest you hire a professional but for sure you can create your own. Canva is a great resource for bloggers to create any image that they need for anything!

  Perk: Have one already created so when asked right away, you can send it right away.

2) Professional Logo.
I created my own logo and it just wasn’t right lol!!! But thank GOD I reached out to some well-known gals and they help me out. Long story short hire a professional.

3)Editorial Calender.
Co-Schedule has been amazing! Not only do they promote your blog, but it does the same for your social media.Since switching my site from Blogger to WordPress, it has been nothing but great. There is a free trail, but at $10 a month, this is well worth the investment.

It’s a great tool to save notes, write down ideas while you are in the middle of something. This app comes in handy when you are creating your editorial calendar for the month. It is so easy once you research everything, and all you have to do is piggyback on ideas and notes.

Perks: Can be use offline as well and has a discount for students after a 30day trail.

5) Research out and befriend other influencer’s.
This is really my main goal. Also, it can create great content. Another blogger inspired me to write a post about goals. Not only did I get a  blog post done, but I made a new blogging friend as well. It will be appreciated.

6) Have your own hosting site.
I have no idea what I was doing, I let a professional take over. From the switch to WordPress to the logo. I can’t express how much easier it made my life and it is a sure way to monetize your blog as well.

Until next time

Link for resources

Monthly E kit

Pitch It! Media Kit


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