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Butter Love by LC


Hey Snobs!

I wanted this to be an original video review, but that was not working out how I wanted it :(!!! The sound was just completely off. So I am returning to my original state…. writing it up!

ButterLove by LC is handmade in Saint Louis, Mo. and by owner La’Crassia Wilderness. I have been using her products for about three weeks now and I am going to need more!!! 100% natural vegan Shea butter that she buys from Ghana.



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No only this is her number one seller but this is amazing! Its whipped and you only need a little amount for your hands. Me myself my legs are not hydrated like I want to be so in fact I put on more! What can I say I want smooth legs Summer is right around the corner. This penetrates the skin, and its very relaxing as well.


Lip Balm

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I was so grateful to have this lip balm in my life. Simply because I wear bright lip colors and its very annoying and unattractive to have that DEAD ASS skin and to bit it off, exfoliate and etc. I have been using this lip balm and have not had a problem.


Bath Salts


These bath salts relaxes you. Pour 1 tps of these salts into your tub while the water is running. The salts turn into oil in your bathwater, and just relaxes you until you are ready to use my personal favorite-the bath scrub.


Bath Scrub

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This is a beast! Simply because the scrub, turns into oils once your rub it on your body. Its so relaxing in both a tub and while you take a shower. I highly suggest you use this at night because if you have to work or go to meeting you will be late. This just makes me feel sexy when I am in the tub! LOL

All in all this is a great product and I heard she was expanding the line. Her links are below,

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