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Can you take a punch?!


So myslef and a fellow blogger were talking over drinks a few nights ago, and some tea (gossip) was drop! Long story short from what I got from the situation, someone didn’t take too kindly to criticism or response that was given. Most of us do experience people “hating” or “into our feelings” simply because as humans-most of us feel we are right all the time. Especially if we are working our own business or doing something out of the norm. 

Too often we are in our own way of success when it comes to constructive criticism. Do you tell your doctor he don’t know what he is talking about when he gives you your test results back? NO you don’t. So when there is a expert in your field you reach out to them or vice versa nothing else should be said. There is quote that I heard a long time ago that I will never forget: “Never take advice from people who lives you wouldn’t trade places with.”.

Not only am I a blogger but I am a fashion stylist as well, and my goal is to work with the best of the best industry.I am good friends with a casting director and model coach, he’s worked with Balmain and Givenchy along with casting the models for the annual Victoria Secret fashion show. I simply reached out to him on a situation that I had and he gave me in sight- as a friend and a professional in the industry. Another situation I deiced to make my own logo and before making the logo live, I asked the opinions of the ladies I have admire and gotten to know over the last three months. Simply their reply was- “No, you cannot post this on your site, I applaud your effort, I don’t want to bust your bubble. But, I DO want you to step up your game and here’s my hard-honest truthful self.”

I took their information as learning experiences. So answer me this snobs, have you lashed out at someone because they criticize you? Or did you received the information they gave you? Comment below and share.


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