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Casual blushing in Streetstyle

Casual blushing in Streetstyle

Casual blushing in Streetstyle

For this OOTD, I deiced I still wanted to be bougie yet comfortable. I seemed to had gather all my blush items together to create a perfect set.


I didn’t feel like wearing heels but still wanted to add that feminine touch to my outfit-hinting the pop of that soft blush color. I got the blazer from the Goodwill and honestly it was just was I was looking for. The perfect length and the cut, I found simlair style and cut that you can shop here and here . 

My leggings I purchased last year from BCBG Max Maria for $50! They were shutting down their stores so of course yours truly had to make this impulse purchase happen. Honestly, it took me a while to wear them-meaning they were in my closet almost a year, because I wanted to gather an outfit around them so they can be versatile. These pants goes well with this outfit too!

The top can be a plain white shirt or casual shirt of your choice. I simply chose a graphic shirt to add more relax detail to the outfit. Try this one!

The shoes were simply an impulse purchase while just looking at ASOS site. These are mens shoes and I must say they are comfy!

The accessories were simple and they all came from Forever 21. Fur Stole- Banana Republic . Watch -Fossil. Clutch came from a local shop in Saint Louis. MO




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