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Casual in Camel

Casual in Camel


There is nothing I am more in love with than a great coat that cost a bargain From time to time, I go thrifting. I know, a Snob like me thrifting, but it’s there I can find either some vintage items or some super cool things Target didn’t sell. Yeah…that way. I stumbled upon this (similar) amazing long wool coat from Brooks Brothers . It was just my size and like that it was an instant person, with conformation compliment coming from a complete stranger. It was still in great condition, and after taking it to the cleaners it was photoshoot ready. What I find so funny is that I’ve been looking for a camel colored coat since November,  they all didn’t work or look right on me. This one…was worth the wait for sure!

Since it seems like Winter is here to stay, this week when it was bearable, I took some shots in this dope ass coat I got only for $10. Below are the items I paired it with when dressing coats like these up and dressing them down. Camel is the most pretty color and can be paired with other color neutral colors alike. Try pairing it with all black to make a pop, or simply add a cluster of colors that will complete the look from head to toe.  Camel is the color you can wear all year round!

Location: Saint Louis

Coat: Thrift Brooks Brother (similar item here and I like this one too)

Tops: Linen white button up (Old Navy) NWA shirt my uncle’s basement (similar shirts here and this one is nice

Jeans: Fashion Nova (SoldOut). (I love these as well

Lunchbag clutch: Domi More…(SoldOut) (I like this one and this one)

Christian Siriano: Very same similar ones here!!  I like these!! 

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