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5 ways to make your website stand out in 2021.

Ways to make your website standout

There are few things I’d love to share about how you can make your website stand out in 2021. I must say that I’ve been learning every day about websites since the transition into a Web and Brand designer. So I am excited to share it with you! Yes, TPS is also the hub for all things tech. With that being said, let’s get into this information. While I’ve compiled a list, I love creating a FREE downloadable Website Audit Checklist. This is perfect for someone who can’t make the investment at the moment for a web designer or developer.

5 ways to make your website stand out in 2021.

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  1. Content: This comes in a form of both visual and written. Helpful long-form content is still relevant. There are still readers out there who love to soak in information this way. Be sure that you are sharing detailed information about whatever topic you choose to share. Visually appealing HD photos are the icing on the cake.
  2. SEO: If the digital world was the Kardashian family, SEO would be the Kris Jenner. SEO is a secrets weapon that has the best relationship on the Google search engine. This tool helps your website in a VERY VERY BIG WAY! This is how your website and products are found online. While it takes time to appear on 1st page of Google, you can still bring customers and readers to your website by user-friendly keywords.
  3. Appearance: When a reader or customer comes to your website, they should have an amazing experience. Be it desktop or mobile, their experience matters. For example, the load times are slow, something is not stacked correctly on your mobile site that’s a bad experience. It’s like waiting 45 min for your dinner that takes 15 min and the waiter is rude but expects a 20% tip on top of that.
  4. Video: To have a video embedded somewhere on your site is such an ideal thing for 2021. It grabs the reader’s attention right away. An introduction video would also be amazing to have, sort of like a sneak peek of what your website is all about.
  5. Amazing home page: The title says it all. The home page is a sneak peek of who, what, when where, and how. Be sure to have a call to action on every page.

So are you ready to elevate your website? Comment and share below if these tips were useful to have. Share your website below.