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Cell phone courtesy month

Cell phone courtesy month

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Let’s face it, our cell phone for the most part, run our lives. There’s so much you can do can do with your phone, pay you bills, Instagram stalk your ex, and my personal favorite…shopping! There comes a time where life can pass you by simply because you are on your phone. It seems like no one ever takes a moment to enjoy where they are. Like a vacation, or concert; every moment dosen’t have to captured. So for this month, I am taking it ways with the phone and enjoying the moment. Even at events, I will enjoy the moment and fight the urge of talking and making conversation with others. I am also taking it easy this Summer with work and doing a little bit of travel and just relaxing. I am making a vow to also not be on the phone when the family is around. I am actually on the road now taking a family trip to the country. So outside of taking pictures, I will NOT be on my phone for a while. If you want to take this vow of courtesy repeat the vow below.

I vow to for National Cell Phone Courtsey month to give the needed attention to people around and have conversation with individuals around me.

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