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Cheers to 2020

Cheers to 2020

Happy New Year snobs! I hope you brought the New Year in full of fun and happiness. I am super excited to bring you all fresh, and new content that you love and enjoy.

What’s new??

JustFab-OTK Boots

My hair, if you haven’t noticed or been on social media yet. My hair is completely blonde and short. I wanted something new, it’s a new decaed-so why not? It’s super easy to maintain and it’s great for starting my hair journey all over again. My hair was super damaged and I honestly just didn’t take care of it as much as I could.

What can you expect more of?

Fashion: More and more fashion. For sure round-ups and most of these will be repeated. I highly believe in versatile items that you can wear season after season and throughout the year. Expect to see great and reasonable fashion finds.

Travel: I am so happy to be adding more travel content. Outside of items to have and what to wear to the airport- I am looking forward to feeding my soul and seeing new places.

Skincare: You know I love makeup but I have recently been using some great products that work and that you should know about. I am grateful that I have amazing skin, however- I need to keep that good skincare consistent. I can’t wait to show you more of what I’ve been using and share some amazing tips and products that might work for you.

I hope I can continue to bring you value with each and every post I write and create. Cheers to 2020 snobs! Comment and share below what’s new with you.


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