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Chicago travel recap- and everything you should know!

Chicago Fashion blogger
Chicago Fashion blogger

The feedback for TPS Travel content has been amazing-so here’s my travel to Chicago recap! No, I wasn’t planning on staying for a month-but I did. I have no obligations or responsibilities elsewhere so I extend the trip. So to those asking and DM no, I am living here- I am just…here. I knew this year I wanted to change, so why not start with my environment. However, apart from this Chicago weather, the city is really pretty and reminds me of New York City pre-covid. But enough with the talking, let’s get into the blog post!

Chicago travel recap

Chicago Weather

Bring a coat. If you stay cold like me, bring a coat. I packed mostly Spring wear because first, I wanted to create Spring/City vibes content. Secondly, I assumed it would be warm and chilly days. But never I’d imagined the weather would be cold enough to where I would have to purchase a coat. Other than that, when the sun is out, no matter the temps, it’s an amazing feeling.

Chicago Transportation

As I mention previous blog post, there are quite a few options when it comes to local travel. Me personally, I’ve been using the CTA and even purchased a reloaded card. CTA is Chicago’s public transportation. Also great for sightseeing. Also, if my next destination is under 30min, I’ll walk. This is also a great way for location scouting for photoshoots. But I often see black Range Rovers and Mercedes-Benz too.

Chicago Travel recap- Food

While I adore cooking my food at home, I do love a great dining experience. I’ve spent the majority of my time North of Chicago. River North, Lincoln Park area, and Oldtown to be specific. While I will make an entire restaurant guide, I can tell you Summer House Santa Monica is pretty good. Located in Lincoln Park, it’s such a vibe and the service is great. Broken English taco has great tacos, they have a few locations. And Land and Lake restaurant is located downtown. Attached to the London House hotel, Land and Lake have a weekly happy hour along with a bottomless mimosa brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Lastly, be aware of the surcharges or quality already added to your bill.

Where to stay

I am bougie soooooo North lol. I vibe with the area and it’s close to my office. Alright, I don’t have an office but I’ve worked so much out of Edie’s Café Bar and Foxtrot that in my head-it’s my office. Yes, there are other areas in Chicago but I haven’t explored them yet to tell you about them. Lastly, downtown would be a beautiful option to stay once the weather warms up. Depending on your location, you’d be right by the water.

Spending Money

I really can’t say because at the end of the day I’ll pay for something or I won’t. I am also not afraid to ask how much something is because I have a set budget. Some restaurants have happy hour. Offring half off on small plates and $5 or $7 glasses of wine. Which is a great happy hour price. However, if you’ve seen the house wine that they were offering, you could either just buy your own bottle or purchase the wine you want. Other than that, the full price for a glass of wine starts at $10. Also, Walgreens charge you for a bag.

Travel to Chicago recap
Travel to Chicago

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